OLLAs Hand Made In Mendocino

     Two things I enjoy very much are pottery and gardening. Both have been part of my life for a very long time so it was only natural that the two would eventually form a connection. It turned out that pottery was the answer to one of the biggest (yet seemingly simple) challenge of gardening – proper watering. I had researched OLLAs in the past and the fundamental principle seemed correct, but they were expensive and not readily available. OLLAs have been around for an estimated 4,000 years and with all the benefits they bring to a garden I wondered why they aren't in use more than they are. I decided to embark on a journey to learn all I could about OLLAs. I purchased every OLLA I could find on the Internet and began testing them for strength, porosity, functionality. I then began throwing dozens and dozens of OLLAs on the potters wheel with different shapes, lids, thicknesses, etc. . I used a multitude of different clay bodies and fired the OLLAs anywhere from 1200 degrees to over 2000 degrees with some in reduction, some in oxidation, some with touches of glaze, and pretty much anything I could think of. I planted the OLLAs in the garden with all sorts of different plants in different configurations and soil types. It took an entire year and a lot of failures, but I think I have come up with great OLLA. I called them “mendOLLAs” because they are made right here in Mendocino County and the tagline is “feed your roots”, because that's what they do best.


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