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What is an Olla?

Ollas are clay pots used for efficient irrigation. The Olla is buried in the ground and filled with water. Clay is a porous substance, allowing the water to slowly dissipate and water the roots of the plants directly. 

What are the benefits of using Ollas?

There are many benefits of using Ollas!

  • Substantial water savings

  • Promotes deep watering and healthy root growth

  • Eliminate the stress of potential dry cycles

  • The top soil being dry means less weeds and less unwanted pests!

  • Save time watering, either by hand watering or utilizing a drip system or irrigation line.

  • More bountiful harvest.

How do I use my Olla?

Using an Olla is simple. Bury the Olla up to its neck, leaving an inch or so of the neck exposed. As you bury the Olla be sure to gently pack the soil around is, making sure to eliminate any air pockets. After the Olla is buried simply fill with water, put the lid on, and plant your plants nearby.

The watered area around the Olla varies depending on the size of the Olla.

  • Our small Olla has a watering radius of 6-8 inches from the center of the Olla.

  • Our medium Olla has a watering radius of 10-16 inches from the center of the Olla.

  • Our largest Olla has a watering radius of 18-24 inches from the center of the Olla.


Ollas of all sizes!

How frequently should I refill the Olla?

How often your Olla will need to be refilled depends on numerous variables

  • The number of plants sharing the same Olla.

  • The type of plants being watered by the Olla.

  • How big the plants are.

  • The type of soil surrounding the Olla.

  • The temperature and climate.

  • How much rain (if any) has fallen lately

Some gardens will need the Ollas to be refilled every 2-3 days, while others might only need water every 7-10 days. There is no harm in refilling an Olla early, but try avoid letting the Olla fully dry out, as this can stress the plant. Ultimately it will take some observation and practice to figure out the watering schedule perfect for your garden.

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Can Ollas be used with any plant?

Ollas can be used with any plant, but are more effective with some as opposed to others.

  • Any plants with roots that grow 6 or more inches deep greatly benefit from Ollas.

  • Shallow rooted plants require smaller Ollas, and might necessitate more frequent watering.

  • Trees and large rooted plants greatly benefit, but also might break the Olla after a few years, as the roots grow and wrap around the Olla.

  • When starting plants from seed be sure to water the top soil for a week or two! This ensures the seed sprouts and roots can begin their journey to the Olla.

Do Ollas work with fertilizer?

Yes they do! But it is important to note that only true liquid fertilizers will work.

How long do Ollas last?

Ollas can last for decades and decades when properly care for. Ollas require very little maintenance. Try to keep your Olla free of dirt and debris, as this will settle and could eventually clog the pores and slow water flow.

If your water contains many minerals it might be necessary to do a vinegar cleaning. To do this simply dig up your Olla, fill 3/4 full with a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water. Let sit for a few hours then wipe down any debris on the outside of the Olla with a brush or sponge.


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